Finally 18

“Megan, like I’ve told you before, I’m not comfortable flirting with someone underage.”

“I know, Tom, but it’s different now. I just turned 18.”

There was a noticeable silence as Tom tried to process what he just heard. Was Megan coming on to him or was she just letting him know it’s OK to flirt?

“I…I should go see if my brother needs a hand with anything.”

Megan always enjoyed being playful with Tom, but now that she was older, the teasing took a turn. She discovered sex with a classmate about two years ago, and there was no turning back. She couldn’t help thinking about everything in terms of sex, and it showed in the way she talked and dressed and acted.  While she enjoyed sex with boys her own age, Megan was most attracted to older men. There was something about their sharper features and air of authority that appealed to her. She also found it appealing that they were more sexually experienced than boys her age. Plus, older guys would surely appreciate younger pussy and make the most of the opportunity.  Not that she had many opportunities with older men. Sure, there was the occasional college guy, but truly older men would walk away when they found out she was underage.  Now that she’d had her birthday, Megan was hoping things would change. In fact, she was counting on it.

“Are you causing trouble again?”

Megan turned around to see Mr. Brady standing on the patio near the grill.

“Just a little harmless fun, Mr. Brady.” Megan couldn’t help let out a small giggle after that comment. “And I think he went looking for you.”

“Tom doesn’t need me. He just wasn’t sure how to react to you.” Mr. Brady laughed as he chose his words very carefully.

“I hope I didn’t go too far with him.”

“Don’t worry, Megan.  He enjoyed himself. Who wouldn’t?”

Was he just flirting with her? Megan felt herself get a little excited.  As much as she enjoyed being playful with Tom, it was his brother, Mr. Brady, who she really had the crush on. And why not? He was tall with broad shoulders, deep-set eyes, and a strong jaw, making him a pleasure to look at it. And when he spoke it was in a deep, resonant voice that she found comforting and reassuring.

She had known Mr. Brady since becoming best friends 14 years earlier with his daughter Kate. He always knew how to brighten Megan’s day with a kind word or a funny story. She never really had a dad of her own, so she came to look on Mr. Brady as a father figure. But over the couple of years, as Megan started blossoming into a woman, she began looking at him a little differently.

She was always grateful to be invited to the Brady family cookouts. Kate’s family was close, making the get-togethers great fun. And while she always enjoyed them, she came to look forward to the outings for slightly different reasons.

“It’s always good when a man enjoys the company of a woman, isn’t it, Mr. Brady.”

That’s not something she would have said as recently as last year. He was hit hard by his wife’s death three years earlier, and only recently began to seem like his old self.

Megan walked away, swaying her hips more than usual, hoping Mr. Brady was enjoying the view.

It was time to leave, so Megan said her goodbyes to Kate and her family, lingering longer-than-usual goodbye with Mr. Brady.

On her way out of the yard, Megan took off one of her bracelets and put it under a tree where no one could see it. She then walked the two short blocks to her house and began counting the minutes till the next day.

The following evening found Megan on the front stoop of the Brady house ringing the doorbell.

Mr. Brady opened the door and greeted her warmly, as she expected.

“Hi, Megan. This is a nice surprise, but Kate isn’t here right now. She’s working the late shift at the restaurant.”

“Oh, I know, Mr. Brady. I may have left something in your backyard and just wanted to take a look.”

They went out together, and Megan slowly bent over at one of the trees, giving Mr. Brady a long look at her cute, tight ass. She then stood up with her bracelet in hand.

“Here it is. I’m so glad I got it back.”

“So am I. You must have been worried sick.”

“I was. It’s a good thing you were here tonight.”

“Even if I wasn’t, you know you’re always welcome here. You could go into our yard anytime–no questions asked.”

She liked the sound of that and gave Mr. Brady a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before they headed back to the house.

“Can I get you something to drink, Megan?” Mr. Brady sounded unusually flustered, and she took that as a good sign. A very good sign.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” Megan said as they walked into the kitchen.

“The only problem is that I’m having a beer. You may be 18 now, but that’s not quite old enough to drink.”

“I understand. But you do know that I lost my beer virginity a while ago.”

Mr. Brady took out a single beer from the refrigerator and led her to the living room, where they both sat down on the sofa.

“Look, I’ll just put my beer down on the coffee table in front of us.  And if someone picks it up when I’m not paying attention, well, there’s not much I can do about it.”

Megan liked that Mr. Brady wasn’t treating her like a kid and that he was willing to bend some rules with her. It might be a sign that he was willing to take other liberties.

“I really enjoyed your cookout last night. And I’m always glad that you include me.”

“You’ve been coming to these parties for quite some time now, haven’t you? And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I remember when we were little and you’d set up a wading pool for Kate and me. That was very sweet of you.”

“It was a joy to watch the two of you have fun in that tiny pool. And it’s been a pleasure watching you grow up.”

“Thanks. But, you know, I’m not a kid anymore.” Megan looked him in the eye as she said those words, wanting to emphasize the point that she was a woman now–a young woman, but a woman, nonetheless.

“No, you’re clearly not a kid.” Mr. Brady’s eyes wandered to her medium-sized breasts, covered in a tightly tied crop top. And he was certain she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She reached for the beer to calm her racing nerves before she made her next move.

“One of my earlier memories with you was sitting on your lap. You had a way of making me feel safe and wanted.”

Mr. Brady smiled at Megan, recalling his own memories of those days.

“Would you mind if I did that one more time? Can I sit on your lap? Please? Just once.”

“Sure, I guess, but you’re all grown up now. I’m not sure it would be right.”

“Of course it would be OK,” Megan said, as she climbed onto his lap, not giving him a chance to say no. “We’ve known each other a long time.”

Mr. Brady instinctively put his arms around Megan, as she leaned in to whisper into his ear.

“It’s like you’re my daddy.”

She looked at him with her soft brown eyes, waiting for a response. Thoughts raced through his brain, but he was unable to say a word. His lips quivered slightly as he opened his mouth, and Megan had her answer.

“This is just like the old days, only there’s a little more of me to hold, don’t you think?”

She leaned back against Mr. Brady and snuggled her cheek against his neck.

“Hold me like me used to. Nice and tight.” Megan took his hands in hers and wrapped them around her body, bringing his arms up so they pushed against the bottom of her breasts. His cock hardened underneath her ass cheeks, prompting Megan to move her hips, letting him know that she was aware and most definitely approved.

“You noticed that there’s more of me to hold, didn’t you?” As Megan said those words she reached down and rubbed Mr. Brady’s hard cock through his pants.

“Megan, we shouldn’t. I’ve known you since you were little.”

“But I’m not little anymore, am I?”

She untied and unbuttoned her blouse, then moved his hands to her tits, holding them in place, encouraging him to feel her young flesh.

Mr. Brady enjoyed touching her soft skin, but still hesitated. “Kate might found out and she’d  hate me for it.”

“It’s OK, daddy. I don’t kiss and tell. And I never fuck and tell.”

That was all the assurance Mr. Brady needed. His hands started rubbing and kneading her breasts, then exploring her belly and legs. He couldn’t get enough of her 18 year old body.

“I want to see your cock and put it in my mouth.  Then I want you to fuck me. Would you like that?”

“More than I can say.”

“Daddy, please cum in my ass. No one’s done that before, and I want you to be the first.”

Mr. Brady was stunned by what he heard–and more than a little turned on.

“If you cum in my ass, I’ll be back later in the week so you can cum in my pussy. Would you like that, daddy?”

Megan got her answer when he turned her over and pulled down her shorts and panties. His hands quickly found her pussy and began rubbing, then probing to get her more ready than she already was.

She let out a moan as she pulled away.

“But, daddy, I need to taste you first and get you nice and hard for me.”

Megan was quickly on her knees, taking his cock in her hands and guiding it into her mouth. The more she licked and sucked and massaged him with her lips, the harder he got.

“You’re ready, daddy. Fuck me. Please fuck me now.”

Not waiting for an answer, she got back on the cushions, facing the back of the sofa, while Mr. Brady stood behind her and placed the tip of his dick at the opening of her anus.

Megan reached into a pocket of her shorts and handed Mr. Brady a tube.

He couldn’t believe that this girl actually came with her own anal lube. He never met anyone like her, let alone someone who was only 18.

He applied the lube to his rock-hard penis and, again, placed it at the opening, pushing gently, more and more.

Megan let out a gasp and moaned as she felt his cock slowly go deeper and deeper into her ass.  He stopped pushing when he felt her body tense up.

“Oh, daddy, it hurts a little, but feels so good at the same time. I just don’t know if I can take all of you.”

“Do you need me to stop, baby.”

“No, no. I want you in me. I want all of you.”

With that. Mr. Brady pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her tight, young ass until she took it all. He held her by the hips and slowly began pulling out of her. Before his cock left her, he pushed back into her–doing this again and again, stretching her out a little more with each thrust. She felt her cunt tingle through the thin membrane separating it from her anus. She began to push back into him as he continued his thrusts. Mr. Brady reached around and began rubbing her clit with his left hand to heighten her pleasure.

“That feels so good, daddy. Please don’t stop. Fuck me harder.”

Megan cried out as he thrust harder and faster, her ass tightly gripping his cock. Throwing back her head, she screamed “Daddy” as currents of pleasure raced through her body. Mr. Brady could hold back no longer and released a flood of cum into her anal canal. He stopped movements, held her hips tightly , and let his cock empty into her.

“Oh, my god, daddy. That was amazing. Please tell me you’ll do that to me again.”

“Megan, yes. I can’t believe what you do to me.”

“But first, my pussy. You need to fuck me in my pussy. I can come by on Thursday. That’s when Kate works late again.”

“I’ll be waiting Megan. And I’ll treat you right.”

“I’ve wanted you for so long, daddy. And it was worth the wait.”

Megan pushed back into him and began counting the days. She smiled, knowing the wait this time would not be nearly as long.


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