Babysitter’s Private Lesson

When Blake opened the door, he was surprised by the music. It was a little loud, but the kids’ room was on the other side of the house, so it probably didn’t bother them. It’s just that Rachel, his babysitter, usually didn’t play music on the job, at least she didn’t when he came home at the usual time. But he was able to leave his business event much earlier than expected. Plus, with  his wife out of town, it was probably a good idea to get home before too late.

He put his keys down in the kitchen and turned the corner into the living room, then stopped dead in his tracks. Rachel, wearing only a blue thong and matching bra, was on the sofa straddling another girl, her hands around her neck. The other girl, a red-head whom he had never seen before, was fully clothed in jeans and a tank top and held Rachel by the waist.

After nearly a minute, the red-head noticed Blake standing in the doorway and dropped her hands. Rachel looked down to see why she let go, then followed the girl’s eyes to Blake.

Jumping up, Rachel looked momentarily lost, then picked up her pants from the floor and put them on, followed by her tight red top.

“Mr. Redburn,” Rachel blurted out. “I’m so sorry, but it’s not what it looks like.”

“Rachel, it’s OK,” Blake stammered. “I was just surprised. I…I didn’t quite expect what I saw, that’s all.”

The red-headed girl slowly stood up, gathered up her purse and keys, and headed for the backdoor.

“I should probably go,” she said, then disappeared.

That left Rachel and Blake awkwardly alone in the living room.

She was the first to speak. “I want to explain.”

“There’s no need to. You did nothing wrong.”

If she liked girls, that was perfectly fine. The truth is, he was just disappointed, because that meant she was off-limits, even if only in his dreams.

“I really wasn’t making out with Jen,” she said. “You might as well know the truth.”

Rachel had been babysitting for Mr. Redburn and his wife for a couple of years. She got along well with him and was especially proud of how they were able to confide in each other. Now she was going to push the limits, and she feared it would change the way he thought of her.

“Jen was helping me…practice…for a job interview tomorrow. Actually, it’s more of an audition.”

“An audition?”

“At Kitty’s Nightclub.”

“The strip club?”

“Yeah, the strip club,” she confessed, her words trailing off in embarrassment.

They stood there in palpable silence. She was waiting for his reaction, while for him, it was a matter of taking it all in. In the time it took for one beat of the heart, he discovered a whole new girl from the one he knew for years.

And he found himself getting aroused. Sure, he always noticed her full breasts, round ass, shapely legs, and those lush lips, but he didn’t think of her sexually–or at least he tried not to. But now it was different. She was trying for a job that was sexual in nature. It was as if he had permission to look at–and think of–her much differently.

Knowing he had to say something, he tried to reassure her.

“You’re of legal age and can make your own decisions. That’s up to you. And I’m sure you’ll do well at the audition. You’re certainly attractive enough.”

“Thank you, Mr. Redburn…”

“You should probably start calling me Blake.”

“OK, Blake,” she said with some hesitation. “I think I can handle the stage part of the audition, but I’m not so sure about the private dances. And I don’t have any way to prepare now.”

Blake looked down a little and muttered, “Maybe I can help you.”

Rachel looked at Blake in surprise. “Do you go to strip clubs? Have you had many lapdances?”

He waited before speaking, which was all Rachel needed in order to have her answers. But he finally confirmed what she already knew.

“Yes to both questions.” It was now his turn to be embarrassed.

The look on Rachel’s face changed to something he had never seen before. Her lips curved up in a way that made her look both happy and, well, naughty.

“Mr. Redburn…I mean, Blake?!”

They were now more alike than she realized; they simply approached the same interest from different points of view.

“I bet you can explain to me how to be good at lapdances. What I really need is a man’s perspective.”

She grabbed his arm with both hands and led him to the sofa so they could sit down and talk.

“What does a guy want or expect in a private dance?” she asked. “I watched some videos online, but I don’t know how realistic they are.”

She then decided to word it more directly. “What do you like in a lapdance?”

“Well, I like being teased a little, and I do expect some two-way contact. Every dancer I’ve been with let me touch her breasts, even kiss them.”

“So they let you fondle their tits?” She looked to see his reaction at the word “tits” leaving his babysitter’s mouth.

“Yes, I expect to fondle their tits and suck on their nipples.”

Good. She liked that their talk was getting less formal and more dirty.

“Do they touch your cock?”

“When they sit on my lap, their ass grinds into my crotch, which is the whole point.”

“No. Do they touch your cock with their hands–over or inside your pants?”

He paused. “Sometimes. I’ve had dancers rub my pants on the outside, and some have even unzipped me to reach inside.”

“But you’ve got to be careful,” he continued. “Some clubs are strictly by-the-rules, and most dance booths have security cameras, so make sure to check with the other dancers. And don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Rachel decided to push the boundaries.  Their relationship would never be what it was before, so she thought she might as well try to re-define it right then and there. She always found him attractive. Maybe their mutual interest in strip clubs could open the door to something more.

“Let me  practice on you. I really want to be ready for the audition tomorrow.”

He couldn’t bring himself to say no–not to the prospect of getting a lapdance from Rachel. He said nothing for a few seconds, and Rachel took his silence as consent.

She stood up and took off her pants and top, and stood before him dressed as she was when he first came into the room. He looked her up and down, admiring the way her long, wavy blonde hair draped over the tight blue bra that pushed her tits together and barely covered her swollen nipples. His eyes dropped down to the tiny blue thong that teasingly stopped just above her pussy. He could feel her watching him stare–and he didn’t care at all.

She walked to the side of the sofa to put on her four-inch heels to complete the effect. Her goal now was to see how much she could turn Blake on. Her hips swayed as she slowly walked toward the sofa. Leaning in she whispered, “Do you like what you see?”

Unable to answer, Blake merely nodded, which was her invitation to climb on his lap.

She started with her tits just inches from his face, then moved lower and lower until she sat on his lap. No grinding or moving–there would be time for that later.

Reaching behind her back, she undid the clasp on the bra and let the straps fall from her shoulders. She held the cups of the bra in place with her hands to tease him for a few more seconds, then pulled them away, revealing her full breasts.

“Do you like my 19-year-old titties?” she whispered, letting him feel her warm breath as she kissed his ear.

Sensing he was still unsure how to react to his babysitter, she said, “Then why don’t you touch them? I need to feel your hands and your lips on me, Blake.”

He rubbed and caressed her tits, then moved his hands to her back and sides as he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. Her body shook and she let out a soft moan, encouraging him all the more.

Wanting–no, needing–to take things to the next level, she moved her hands along his shoulders and chest, then began to rub her crotch back and forth against his cock. It was his turn to moan, as he watched her hips and stared deeply into her eyes.

She no longer wanted to simply turn him on. She wanted to see and touch all of him, and then feel him inside her. She only had sex once before, and it was not a pleasurable experience. What she needed now was a man, not a boy, and she knew she would get what she needed that night.

Standing up, Rachel turned around and sat on Blake’s lap, giving him easier access to her tits. She leaned back with her arms around his head, pulling his cheek next to hers. He held her breasts, feeling the weight of her flesh as he moved them up and down.

“I want your hands on my pussy. Would you do that for me, Blake?”

She knew from her last comments that Blake liked it when she talked dirty, and it turned her on all the more. His hands found her thong and rubbed her pussy through the thin fabric.

“I’d rather feel your hands inside my thong,” she cooed.

His fingers ran along the top of her tiny thong, then slipped inside until his right hand covered her mound.

“Do you like my shaved pussy? Run your finger up and down my slit. Oh, yes, that’s just how I do it when I’m alone.”

“My clit. Find my clit. Rub it, play with it.

He massaged her nub between his fingers and felt her body shudder under his touch.

“More, Blake. I need your finger inside me.” Her whisper was a plea, and her body shook again as his finger spread her lips apart and entered her tight, wet pussy. She held his head harder and kissed, then sucked on his neck.

Blake’s finger circled inside her cunt, then moved in and out, covered in her juices.  He rubbed her clit again, gently at first, then faster and faster to match her writhing.

Rachel could wait no more. She slid off Blake till she was kneeling on the floor between his legs. Her hands caressed his hips and legs, then finally his crotch, where she felt his cock harden some more.

Blake wanted to know how far she planned to go? Was she simply teasing or was there more in store for the two of them?

He got his answer when he felt her hands undo his belt and  pull down his zipper. Before it all sank in, her hands slide his pants and shorts down his legs and off his feet. Her hands resumed massaging his legs, only this time they ended up holding his bare cock. He couldn’t believe what was happening, and in many ways, neither could she.

Rachel’s hands stroked his penis gently, lovingly, followed by her tongue licking up one side, then the other. She then massaged the tip with her lips, before letting it enter her mouth, further and further until it pushed against the back of her throat. She sucked and licked him, knowing he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Afraid that he was close to cumming, she stood up and pulled off her thong, standing before him with nothing on but her heels. He stared in disbelief as she climbed back on his lap, holding his big cock in her right hand, guiding it to her pussy. She let her cunt lips massage his cock–much as her mouth had–then slowly pushed it into her tight, wet opening, deeper and deeper until she felt his balls against her crotch.

Instinct took over as she rotated her hips, then moved back and forth with Blake, letting his cock go in and out of her, faster and faster. She savored the feeling of his dick rubbing her slit and the sides of her pussy.

She bent down and kissed his lips. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths, then locked together as she felt his cock tighten inside her, then explode its warm cum. At that moment, her body convulsed over and over, with waves of pleasure traveling up her back, again and again, as if every nerve was having its own orgasm.

She shook and shuddered before falling limp into the comfort of his arms.  She kissed his chest and his neck, while he caressed her head and back. They lay there for several long minutes, not wanting the moment to end.

There was no doubt that she was ready for the next day’s audition–and she was most certainly ready for the new relationship she was forming with Blake.


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