Nickie & the Shoe Clerk

Nickie paused one last time to check herself in the store window. Her top was on the modest side. Deep red with a scooped neckline that gave only a hint of her breasts. And there was no cleavage since she had it buttoned all the way. But the material draped beautifully over her bust, leaving no doubt about the full breasts that lie beneath.  She wanted a modest top so there was no visual competition for the skirt.  The black skirt was definitely tight and short–following the curves of her hips and ending just two inches below the tops of her legs.

Her shoes, meanwhile, were basic black pumps with barely a heel. Mundane, to say the least. But that was the whole point.

She smiled at her reflection and walked two more store fronts down the mall until she came to a shoe store.

Nickie was ready.

The clerk was alone, which was to be expected 8:30 at night on a Monday.

“Good evening. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Nickie paused for a moment and smiled.

“Not yet. I think I’ll just look for a bit.”

“Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

Nickie slowly walked to the nearest shelves and looked out the corner of her eye to make sure the clerk was watching.  Bending over, she reached for a shoe on the lower shelf, letting the skirt ride up to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She felt the air against the upper part of her legs and swore she could feel his gaze taking it all in. Standing up, she pretended to adjust her skirt, letting her hand smooth out any wrinkles on her ass.

After putting the shoe down, she turned around to find the clerk staring her way, not even bothering to hide his obvious interest.

“I think I could use your help, after all.”

“Wh-what can I do for you,” he said as he quickly moved from behind the counter.

Nickie glanced at his name tag, then looked straight into his eyes.

“I’d like a pair of boots, Joe. Something sexy.”

“What exactly are you looking for. There’s a lot to choose from.”

“Since I’m hoping for something that a man would find appealing, I’d like to see what you come up with.”

With that, Nickie backed up, turned slightly, put her hands on her hips, and gave him the warmest smile she could conjure up.

“What boots would complete this picture, Joe?”

After taking in the view from top to bottom, he nodded, then headed to the stock room.

“I wear a size 7,” Nickie called out.

Joe turned back with a grin, more than a little embarrassed that he neglected to get that crucial bit of information. And Nickie couldn’t help grinning herself, knowing that she already had him flustered.

She took a seat and waited to see what he came up with. After about five minutes, Joe came her way carrying two boxes and sat on a small bench in front of her.

“I’ve got something you may like,” Joe said as he handed her a short, black boot with a four-inch heel.

“Would you mind putting it on for me, Joe? It’d be a lot easier for me.”

Joe gladly removed the black pump from her right foot and replaced it with a boot that went just over her ankle. As he started tying the laces, Nickie moved her left leg, which pulled up her tight skirt an inch or two, calling attention to her thighs and more.

As she did so, Joe couldn’t resist following the softness of her legs to the hem of her extremely short skirt, wondering if she meant to give him such a view, or if it was an accident.

Could he tell that Nickie failed to wear any panties? Probably not. At least, not yet.

After tying the laces, he sat back on his heels and looked up at her, waiting for a reaction.

“They’re very cute, but I was hoping for something more than cute.”

“Well, I think I have something,” he said as he opened up another box and showed her a black, mid-calf boot with four-inch heels and a wrap-around leather tie.

Nickie loved what she saw and couldn’t wait to try it on.

Joe undid the boot on her right foot and slowly took it off. Instinctively, he reached out and rubbed her heel, but stopped when he realized what he had done.  He quickly looked up to see her smiling broadly at him. Relieved–and more than a little turned on–Joe gently pulled the other boot on her foot.

“I like it, Joe. Would you mind putting the other boot on for me?”

“Not at all,” he said, hoping his eagerness wasn’t too obvious.

As Joe took off her left shoe and started putting on the boot, Nickie moved forward on the seat, bringing the hem of her skirt to the very tops of her legs. At the same time, she undid two of the buttons on her blouse. It was time to give Joe a real show.

He sat back and stared directly up her skirt till his eyes rested squarely on her shaved pussy. Stunned, he felt paralyzed as he continued to soak up the view before him, not caring that she saw exactly what he was doing. His pulse raced and his cock grew hard as he tried to make sense of what was taking place.

This had to be deliberate, but Joe needed to be careful. One wrong  comment, one wrong move, and his boss would likely hear about it.

Nickie bent over, letting her hand run along her right leg, down to the black leather boot that adorned her lower leg. As she did so, Joe could see straight down her blouse. He looked at her, hoping to find a clue to help him understand, but Nickie was admiring and caressing the boots.

Finally, she looked into Joe’s face. “I love the boots, Joe, but they’re not quite what I wanted.”

All he could do was stare.

“You’ve heard of fuck-me pumps, haven’t you?”

Joe’s face momentarily betrayed his surprise at her choice of words. He nodded.

“I’d like a pair of fuck-me boots–something that will make a man notice me, maybe even want me. A second skin.”

No words came to Joe, because he knew men already noticed her, and, if they were like him, they wanted her, as well.

“Do you have anything like that?”

Without even answering, Joe got up and went to the back room, coming out two minutes later with a long box. Sitting in front of her once again, he took out a pair of black thigh-thigh boots that came with seven-inch heels and zippers that ran up the back.

They were perfect.

After removing the pair on her feet, Joe slipped on the right boot, followed by the left one. He then asked Nickie to stand so he could more easily zip up the thigh-high boots–and he did so slowly–almost lovingly–savoring the moment.

“These feel wonderful. But I want them to look like another layer of my skin. Would you mind making sure that there are no bumps or ripples? You can just run your hands along the boots to see if they’re perfectly smooth.”

Joe was speechless as he simply stared at her legs.

“Then check the tops, where they meet my thighs.  That way you can tell if there’s any kind of gap. Would that be OK?”

“Sure. Whatever you like.”

Joe started at the toes of her right foot and gently caressed her foot through the boot–then her ankle and calf–working his way slowly up her leg past her knee to her thigh, until he reached the top of the boot, just inches below the hem of her skirt. His warm hands moved from the boot to her thigh and lingered for a moment on her soft flesh.

Nickie felt her leg tingle, and she let out a soft moan.

Joe shifted his attention to her other left leg and again moved his hands carefully around and up the boot, feeling every inch as he worked his way up toward her thigh. Once again, he moved over the boot to her warm flesh–only this time he boldly caressed her thigh until her felt the hem of her skit. And he moved further up her leg until his hands were under her skirt, inches from the bare opening of her pussy.

While he couldn’t be sure how far Nickie was willing to go, Joe knew she was well aware of what she was doing.

Nickie jumped ever so slightly. She didn’t expect to have that reaction with her little episode–but she did. His hands–his touch–started a current that ran from her thighs to her pussy, before spreading upward throughout her body.

Joe was pushing the boundaries, and why not–Nickie certainly did. He looked to her face for a clue, but found it in her legs, which moved further apart, inviting him to go further.

And he accepted that invitation, sliding his hands further until he could feel her slit. She was wet–very wet–and Joe easily pushed a finger into her opening. With that, Nickie sat down again to keep out-of-view of anyone passing by the store window.

Nickie moaned softly, surprised at how excited she became. She loved seducing men and making them want her, but never thought her own desire would build so strongly. It was clear he wanted her, and she wanted him just as badly.

Nickie’s moaning became louder as she felt him caress the inside of her pussy with a finger from his right hand, while his other hand moved up to clit. There were no other customers in the store, but that was the furthest thing from her mind. All she cared about was the mounting pleasure from his touch and his probing.

Joe slid another finger insider her and began moving the two inside and out, faster and faster. Unable to resist any longer, he came in closer, replacing his left hand with his mouth–running his tongue along her clit, then enveloping it with his lips so that he could taste her and suck on her as his fingers thrust faster and faster.

Nickie tilted her head back and waited for the waves of ecstasy that began in her pussy and spread throughout her body over and over. When the feeling subsided, she closed her eyes and savored the moment. Looking down, she locked eyes with Joe and traded smiles.

Without saying a word, Nickie gathered herself, stood in front of Joe. “I’ll take the boots, and I’d like to wear them now.”

She followed Joe to the counter, paid for her new footwear, kissed him on the cheek, and whispered into his ear, “Thank you, Joe. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime.”

Turning around, Nickie walked slowly out the doorway and around the corner, with Joe watching her every move.

Nickie stopped in front of a nearby store window and studied her reflection, straightening her hair and admiring her new boots. After a couple of minutes, she could hear one gate after another coming down as employees began locking down their stores. She turned, and began walking back from where she came, till she approached a young man from behind.

“I want to tell you how much I appreciated your service tonight.”

Joe turned toward Nickie, unable to hide his surprise at seeing her again so soon.

“Now that it’s after-hours for you, how about I help you this time.” Nickie said those words as her eyes settled on the obvious bulge in his pants.

Taking his arm in hers, Nickie led him toward the exit. This time, Joe had no doubt about her intentions.


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