First Time Escort (Part 1)

Kimmie held up the white two-piece outfit, admiring the halter top with the plunging, scoop neckline and tight bottoms that were a cross between shorts and panties. She stood a little over five feet and had a firm 34C chest, small waist, and round butt. She knew the outfit would provide a nice contrast to her long black hair, as well as show off her ample cleavage and cling to her ass like a second skin.

“Oh, good choice,” said a woman shopping in the same aisle. “I think you’d look great in that–much better than I ever would.”

“Thank you,” said Kimmie. “I want to leave a little to the imagination, but not too much.”

She let out a small giggle as she looked over her fellow-shopper–a beautiful blonde with shoulder-length blonde hair.

“I’m Brooke, by the way.”

“I’m Kimmie.”

“Are you a dancer or just spicing up your personal life?”

Kimmie smiled, knowing that it was pretty obvious. The Adult Boutique was the best place in town for sex videos, toys, and stripper clothes.

“Yeah, I just got a job dancing, and I figured I had better come up with more outfits.”

“You’ll do well here. This is where I got most of my clothes when I danced.”

Kimmie was not surprised that Brooke had been a stripper. She has the perfect spinner’s body with firm B-cups, a cute ass, thick blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She looked like a model straight out of a magazine.

“You don’t dance anymore? I bet you were popular with the guys.” Kimmie said those words as her eyes took in all of Brooke’s body.

“Yeah, I did pretty well. But, let’s just say, I got into something that fit my schedule better and made me more money. A lot more.”

Kimmie didn’t want to push too hard, but thought it was safe to ask, “What did you wind up doing?”

Brooke wasn’t going to beat around the bush. “I became an escort.”

There was a silence. Kimmie had never met a hooker before. She didn’t know how to respond.

Brooke was happy to fill in the gap.

“The guys at the club wanted some extras from me during the private dances, and I was happy to oblige, especially since they were tipping me nicely. It didn’t take long to realize I could do better on my own. I could set my own hours, and I wouldn’t have to share the money with the club.”

“Do you still work as an escort?” Kimmie was intrigued.

“Sometimes. But what I mostly do is run my own agency. I have ladies working for me. It’s all high-end. I screen the ladies, I screen the clients, and everyone’s happy.”

“I’m impressed. It sounds like you have a very good thing going.” Kimmie opened her mouth to say more, but just smiled instead.

Brooke was sizing up Kimmie’s reaction and decided to make her move.

“Is this something that you might be interested in?”

Brooke looked directly at Kimmie and smiled, waiting for her answer.

“I don’t know. I mean, it’s a big step just being a dancer.”

“How old are you?”

“18. I dance at a nude club, where’s there’s no alcohol, so the girls can be under 21.”

“Guys love girls who are 18. You’d be very popular with my clients.”

Kimmie liked the thought of guys–a lot of guys–wanting her in that way. And she loved sex–a lot. But she considered herself a late-bloomer, having only discovered sex a year ago. She still had a lot to learn, and if a guy is paying for sex, he pretty much wants a professional. The idea of being an escort excited her, but she wasn’t ready for it, at least not yet.

“I’ll give it some thought and get back to you.” It was a half-lie. While Kimmie would think about it, she had no intention of accepting Brooke’s offer.

“Sounds fair. Why don’t you give me your number, and I’ll call you in a couple of weeks. Would that be OK?”

Kimmie was flattered–too flattered to say no, so she shared it with Brooke, who immediately put it into her phone.

Kimmie thanked Brooke, said bye, and went to the counter to pay for her new outfit. There was just enough time to run home and get ready for work.

After a few days, Kimmie started to feel she was fitting in as a stripper. She got her share of compliments, as well as tips, and the men were taking her up on the private dances in the back rooms. While the money wasn’t bad, it wasn’t as good as she hoped it would be. But she had only been dancing for a week and was assured it would only get better.

She let out a sigh and heard a ping from her phone, which surprised her because all her friends knew she seldom got up before noon.

Brooke: Hi Kimmie. It’s Brooke. We met at The Adult Boutique a few days ago. How r u?

Kimmie: All good. And u?

Brooke: Same here. I have an offer.

Kimmie thought she’d have a little more time to think things over, even though she’d eventually just say no.

Kimmie: No thanks. I don’t think it’s for me.

Brooke chose to ignore Kimmie’s text.

Brooke: I have an important client from out of town who wants to visit with a young lady. 18 or 19. Long hair. Big tits. You’re perfect.

Kimmie started feeling excited at the thought, but she knew she wasn’t escort material.

Kimmie: I’ve never done this before. Have to say no.

Then she admitted: I haven’t even had sex very much.

There was a long pause, making her think that Brooke gave up. Kimmie was heading to the kitchen when she heard another ping.

Brooke: I checked with the client. He’s OK with that. In fact, it turns him on.

Kimmie: No thanks.

Brooke: $300.

That was more than she was taking home from the club, but Kimmie held firm.

Kimmie: I can’t. Really.

Another pause. Maybe she was texting the client again. Or maybe she finally did give up.

Then came a ping.

Brooke: He’ll pay extra. And I’ll give you a bigger cut. I want to keep him happy.

Kimmie wasn’t sure what that meant, but she was a little more than curious.

Brooke: $600.

Kimmie just stared at her screen. That was a lot of money for an hour–or however long an appointment takes. And it would be for sex–something she liked.

Kimmie: Where should I go? And when?

Brooke: Meet me at Adult Boutique. 8pm. Bring something cute & sexy. No stripper clothes.

Kimmie had a little over eight hours to buy something appropriate for her escorting debut. She was thinking of a sheer babydoll with a matching thong, black stockings, garter belt, and heels. Her heart was racing. Sure, the money would be great, but the idea of someone paying her good money for sex was exciting. She was looking forward to it more than she could have imagined. Much more.

When the time came, Kimmie pulled into the parking lot of the Adult Boutique, followed shortly by Brooke, who told her to hop in. Barely five minutes later, they arrived at an upscale apartment complex and made their way to a spacious, well-furnished suite. It was not at all what Kimmie expected.

“I thought your place would be nice, but this is amazing,” said Kimmie.

“It has to be. I cater to a special clientele.”

Kimmie nodded as her eyes scanned the apartment. There was a luxurious furniture, two bedrooms, a large kitchen, and artwork all along the walls.

“Why don’t you put on the clothes you brought? You can use the room straight down the hallway. Afterwards, I’ll give you a little pep talk.”

Kimmie took her bag and headed to the bedroom. She was excited to show Brooke what she chose, and more than a a little nervous over whether it was something the client would like. She came out ten minutes later wearing a dark purple, sheer babydoll and matching g-string. The flared skirt and the satin bow between her breasts gave it a cute, almost little girl look. But with her nipples and g-string clearly visible through the material, there was no doubt that she was all about sex and was there for the taking.

To complete her outfit, she wore a pair of four-inch heels that emphasized the curve of her ass and made her legs look all the longer.

She waited for a reaction. Was the outfit cute enough? Was it sexy enough? And most importantly, was it something her client would find appealing. Kimmie felt a flood of relief when Brooke’s face broke into a smile.

“Perfect. You’re absolutely perfect. It’s the right combination of cute and sexy that Mike adores.”

Mike. She now knew his name, which made everything all the more real.

“Have a seat, Kimmie. He’ll be here in about half-an-hour. Since this is your first time, I want to tell you what to expect and answer any questions you might have.”

Kimmie sat down next to Brooke, eager to soak in all that she could in the short time she had.

“The appointment is technically for an hour, but considering what he’s paying, I’d like to give him at least an hour-and-a-half. Is that OK?”

Kimmie nodded.

Mike likes to be called daddy. And it turns him on when a girl asks permission to do things. It makes him feel that it’s something she wants as much as he does.”

So far, so good.

“Did you shave your pussy? My girls are either bare or neatly trimmed. Mike likes it smooth.”

“It’s all bare. I started shaving regularly after getting the job as a stripper.”

“Do you swallow?”

Kimmie hesitated. She’s had a few guys cum in her mouth, but she always spit. She did try to swallow once, but wasn’t very successful. She shook her head.

“You need to swallow. And act like you enjoy it. Can you manage that. It’s important.”

Kimmie nodded, but not with a lot of confidence.

“If he cums in your mouth, keep your lips locked on his dick, and don’t make any strange faces. When he’s done, suck and lick some more. Make him believe you can’t get enough.”

“I can do that.”

“Another thing. Don’t just stick his cock in your mouth. Make love to it. Enjoy it. Savor it. You want Mike to think there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing.”

That would easy. Kimmie enjoyed feeling a cock become hard in her mouth. She loved the smell and feel of a man’s erect flesh. And she always felt proud when it exploded. Yeah, making love to a cock would be easy.

“Finally, it’s not over when a client cums. Clients pay for the entire time, and we always offer multiple shots. Mike likes to cum in the mouth before fucking. It’s twice the pleasure, plus it makes him last longer when he does fuck you. Are you good with that?”

Kimmie was more than fine with that. If he could cum a third time, that would be even better.

“Do you have any questions for me?”

“How do I start? I have no idea how to begin.”

“You’ll be in the bedroom waiting for him. Mike will knock lightly on the door, then let himself in. I suggest kneeling on the bed, then getting up to give him a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. After that, your instincts will kick in. Are you ready?”

Kimmie didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t feel quite ready, but she understood everything Brooke told her. She would just do her best and make sure Mike was taken care of.

They went to the bedroom, and Kimmie took her place on the bed–heels on, feet tucked under her butt, and her back nicely arched. A buzzer sounded and Brooke turned to wish her good luck. With that, the door closed and Kimmie’s heart raced faster and faster.

Just when Kimmie thought she couldn’t handle the anticipation any longer, she heard a gentle rap, and the door slowly opened.


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